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The Sound 8 Orchestra is the project from the multi-instrumentalist Matthias Wyder.The music spans the genres of easy listening, low budget lounge music, retro-futuristic B-movie soundtracks und psychedelic electro sounds to create a sound that is somewhere between Lee Perry, Add N To X, Sun Ra und James Bond Soundtracks. Wyder’s keyboard sounds are played to a synchronised backdrop of found-footage films projected from three Super 8 projectors.  This combines for an audio visual experience which is different for each concert. 


The "Sound 8 Orchestra" has so far released four albums and two singles:  “Golden Memories” CD (2007), “Nonstop Dancing” LP (2011), “Vinyl Single” (2013) all on Langusta Entertainment. "Stylophone "(2015) Flexidisc Postcard on Grand Marquis Phone.  "Grooves from another Galaxy" LP April 2017.

The new Album "Vol.4" LP is released december 2023.


Recent stage performances by Sound 8 Orchestra were at Botanischen Garten Bern 2023, Hors Tribu Festival 2023, Zypern Nikosia Artos 2022, Dresdner Schmalfimtagen 2021/2022, Randfilmfest 2021, Ins Weite Freiburg 2021 Paf Berlin 2019, Meeresrausch Festival 2019, Auerworld Festival 2019, Lala Festival 2018, TropenTango 2018, Analog Resistance Festival 2018, Oder Neisse Festival 21017, Rosalaub Passau 2017, Oderbruch OpenAir 2017, Weillfest Dessau 2016, Simsalaboom Festival 2016, auf der Fusion Lärz 2010 / 2013 / 2016, Heimathafen Neuköln 2015, Steamweder Openair 2015, Südblock Berlin 2015, Moving Silence Festival 2012 in Athen, Brüssel Holidays Festival 2013, Halle Werkleitzfestival 2013, Zytanien 2013 Museumsnacht Basel 2014 and many other concerts and festivals.


Matthias Wyder : Korg ms10, Korg ms20, Home Organ, Hawaiien Guitar, Guitar, Stylophone, Laptob and Super 8 Films.


Mareike Hube or Fred Girardet: Super 8 projection

2023 Vinyl Album "Vol. 4"

2017 Vinyl Album

"Grooves from another Galaxy"

2013 Vinyl Single "Casio Sound " "Jonny`s Theme"

2011 Vinyl Album "Nonstop Dancing"

2015 "Flexi Postcard"

2007 CD "Golden Memories"

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